About Semantify

Using Semantify, end users can finally use intuitive free form queries to independently perform instant ad hoc discovery and analytics across multiple disparate data sources and formats.

No more dependence on data and tool experts to prep, code, extract and collate, when you need fast, relevant and accurate answers.

Semantify’s powerful functionality delivers significant speed, productivity and cost savings in responding to customers, regulators, internal management and market opportunities.

"A single, seamless platform supports multiple Semantify solutions ranging from call center robotics, knowledge portal query, research, regulatory and compliance applications, to faster statistical and predictive analytics in model development. Its a big productivity boon to both our business users and IT support, and increases market agility and competitiveness."

- Decision Analytics Head, Global Bank.

"Instant, relevant, new insights by deriving knowledge using simple English language query…this is the frontier beyond dashboards, canned reports and data visualization tools that business users and decision makers have been waiting for"

- CIO, Global Life Sciences Company.

Client Benefits


  • Independent discovery, analytics and hypotheses testing using plain business speak
  • Not just search and retrieval. Real-time dynamic ad hoc analytics and reports
  • Over both structured data and unstructured content
  • Instant results enable real time team collaboration
  • Self-service: Manage and configure your solution and reporting independently, with minimal training and resources


  • Significant increase in resource bandwidth
  • Revenue acceleration
  • Significant decrease in BI license and expert costs
  • Increased functionality and ROI of existing BI/CRM tools and investments
  • Minimal training and maintenance costs

Speed & Quality

  • Instant and accurate answers to multivariate queries from multiple sources
  • Fast Track deployment, easy and quick integration with current technology/BI stack

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